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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Look! Up in the Sky! It’s… Chemtrails!

It was once again a characteristically Cali Blue Sky for a few days after rain and clouds, and… oops! No more blue skies! It's ChemTrail Time! It's Time once again to muck with The Environment that is already on the verge of catastrophic change to make it even worse!

Lately there hasn’t been more than a single day or two that seems to go by where what appears to be one of those crisp, clear, preternaturally blue skies of the proverbial sunny Southern California days of yore that isn’t any more. ‘All of a sudden’ those storied skies are again marred by ‘clouds’ appearing once more, like white-smokey gouges that begin expanding almost as soon as they are plowed there. These aren’t your average clouds though, but the criss-crossed markings of the so-called “condensation trails” of ‘passing planes’ (which just happen to begin making serious, giant X’s in the sky and not the parallel trails indicating East West vectored flight paths). These are seriously man-made attempts at weather manipulation, which have been denied and dis-informed as to their nature.
No, this isn’t a situation of random ‘passing planes.’ And these days they don’t even bother making cursory attempts to hide the obviously man-made quality of the patterning of these soon to be Mid-Western States thunderheads. These are no longer ‘conspiracy theories,’ but scientific facts.

Once upon a time, the Film Industry began here in Los Angeles because of those Blue Skies being clear about 320 days out of the 365 day year. This allowed this burgeoning new Industry to take advantage of the clear and dry conditions of the desert that is LA, and enabled them to make those sprawling epics from the last century (from the ever popular ‘Sword and Sandal’ Biblical ones to the Big Sky Westerns) without the use of lighting. Along with the huge cameras of the time, the high, cloudless skies made them quick and cheap so that the Studios could afford those Casts of Thousands.
That window of clear blue skies is now down to about 260 days a year and falling in number. It is, yes in part, attributable to the changing weather patterns arising out of both Global Warming and the melting of the Polar Ice Caps. That combination of drastically unpredictable pressure systems and the icy melt flowing further and further down the West Coast into the warmer Cross Pacific currents has created the phenomena of the (so called) “Marine Layer” which used to be a feature of the weather change of May into June previously known as the “June Gloom.”
What was once a fairly clear Rainy Season (along with the tinder dry Fire Season) is now getting mixed into the remainder of the year. The worst-case scenario of this happened a couple of years ago when the Coastal areas of Santa Monica and Venice were largely under clouds for several months straight.

Have you ever wondered why, with the full spectrum of modern technological instruments that Meteorologists have at their disposal, that they still can’t accurately predict the weather? A friend of mine from DC used to say “Gee, I wish I could get paid to do a job where I’m wrong 80% of the time.”
‘Complex Variables’ become complex (and often contradictory) consequences, which even the (‘Accutrack Weather‘ to the contrary) radar systems can’t detect. Weather mapping is still an art however. Air patterns and systems of High and Low pressure are still largely unpredictable things, and they can change in an instant. This is why the predictability factor is rather low. If you add other unstable elements (like, say, condensation trails with various other chemical components to create cloud formations), that predictability drops even further.
The concept of Cloud Seeding (the sprinkling of higher elevation clouds with Sodium Hydrochloride to promote condensation and precipitation) has been around since the 1950’s. It was largely discredited due to the (yes) unpredictable nature of the results.
With Hurricane Sandy a not too distantly past memory, even the most hardened skeptics of the idea of Global Climate Change are beginning to change their opinion. It’s as if the practice of Chemtrails (again under the most benign reading of this practice) is happening to try and redress the coming crisis.
With clear Contrails (the name for what they say is the cause of ‘condensation trails’ – ice crystals forming from the exhaust of aircraft engines at high altitudes), it was finally admitted several years ago that this was the cause of the striated clouds known as Stratus Clouds, that then expand into the larger cloud formations eventually forming Cumulo Nimbus (or Thunderheads). At last! A Scientific Breakthrough!
So this practice may be a way to cool down the atmosphere and prevent Global Warming (which once that process started in full force cause the Ice Caps to melt and throw that condensation into the atmosphere creating the opposite seeming major storms of recent years, etc., etc.), but is having the opposite effect of creating the Superstorm  (or ‘Frankenstorm’) like Sandy.
Even attributing this to a best-case scenario practice still represents a threat, however beneficent their motives might be deemed to be. All of this is pointing in my mind (Conspiracy Theory!) to the idea that Scientific Experiments are being done to influence the weather; and experiments of this sort tend to have nasty unintended consequences.

Under the worst case scenario however (the most evil of conspiracy theories)…
There have been ‘Scientific experiments’ done in secret by our Government for the supposed intent of furthering ‘understanding and scientific advancement’ for the ‘Good of All Mankind.’ That these ‘experiments’ have largely been done on ‘unacceptable peoples’ (read: Minorities) has long been an (up until recently) set of Government Secrets that lay in the realm of unconfirmed Conspiracy Theories.
From The Tuskegee Experiments of inflicting syphilis on African American Men, to the use of radioactive isotopes on Black and Native American populations (and I won’t even get into the eugenics experimentation on these peoples) especially pregnant Women, these ‘experiments’ rival those of the Nazi’s who ‘experimented’ on the Jews, Gypsies ‘Homosexuals’ and other ‘sub-human specimens’ during World War II. The US Government (which using the protocol known as “Project Paper Clip” to ‘import’ these very same German scientists into the US secretly after WWII ended) hasn’t stop there though.
Back in the 1960’s, the Department of Defense (then known as “The Department of War”) was regularly conducting experiments on the general population at large, with such ‘experiments’ as gassing the San Francisco Bay area with various Influenza strains, just to see how a broad spectrum of Americans would react to the various virus.’ This in addition to the Atomic Bomb tests in New Mexico where the Government ‘failed to evacuate’ Civilians downwind of the Alamagordo Test Site where the various above ground weapons tests took place.

So to say that Chemtrails is just the fevered imagination of ‘nut case Conspiracy Theorists’ is beyond reason. ‘Our Government’ has exercised similar options in the past, so it’s not without reason that they somehow didn’t magically stop this practice because of past experiments on the US Population. There is an extensive history (garnered through the Freedom of Information Act filings) of such ‘governmental experiments’ of mild to heinous nature being done ‘on our behalf.’
While I was still living in the suburbs of Washington, DC about ten year ago, I caught a glimpse of what I thought was skywriting in the air above me. I stopped and took out my camera and watched it slowly unfold. At first a circle was formed and I thought that was gong to be it and almost turned away. Then I saw the white returning -- from another direction -- and make a stroke through that circle. Quickly snapping a picture, I watched in amazement as a Null Sign was finished there. No random marks in the sky to be discounted under any circumstance this. I waited for more to be written on the sky, but nothing more happened.
What could possibly be the explanation for such a 'random occurance' like this? I'll never know. But I still have that slide.
The question I would pose is, how many more Sandy’s will there need to be before the question of whether Chemtrails are real and factual is accepted and this practice is put to a stop? Do we really need to see weather conditions similar to those shown in the modern epic “The Day After Tomorrow” before we acknowledge that it’s time for massive change on the ground here, and not in the skies?
We have no way to stop it.

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